Frequently Asked Questions

Evolution Health & Fitness has several different membership options such as Group Fitness, Personal Training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Nutrition Coaching. These memberships can be done by themselves or also combining different options. We also offer different membership obligations. Come in, check out the facility, and see which might best fit you.

Yes, we have different membership options affording you the best of both worlds. Come in and see which option best fits you and your schedule.

No, however you will regularly get nutrition tips from our trainers. Our Nutrition Coaching is a little extra per month but we take a systematic approach in coaching you to develop a healthy eating lifestyle. We don’t recommend any “fad” diets that will inevitably lead to failure. We introduce healthy habits so you do not get overwhelmed. We also keep track of your body composition to be sure that whatever is being introduced, we are getting the desired results.

No, absolutely not! We have all ages from all walks of life training. It’s never too late to start! Get ready to have fun while also learning to defend yourself and getting in the best shape of your life.

No. With our fundamentals classes, you will slowly begin to build your endurance. You will not spar or “roll” until you have made it through the fundamentals curriculum. By then, you will have a solid endurance foundation just from the drills alone.

We pay close attention to our newcomers. If you have no experience, we begin by taking you through fundamental classes. You will not be expected to spar at this time. Once you’ve attended several classes and are familiar with positions, you may begin to “situational spar.” This keeps everything under control and not allowing for uncontrollable “scrambles.” Once you feel comfortable with these situational sparring sessions, you may advance to regular sparring. This is done at the individual’s pace.

Yes. Our no gi sessions are every Friday at 6pm.

No, currently we are a traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

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