Over the years, I’ve trained using different programs written by some of the best in the business. While definitely getting benefits from these various programs, I would always find I had to supplement some of the days with things I needed. Whether it be strength, power, speed, or endurance work. With Bulletproof, I feel like I have filled the majority of those gaps for a more complete program to gain size and strength while also decreasing body fat and getting your times faster on endurance events.

Bulletproof is a 13-week progressive strength and conditioning program complete with 4 days strength training, power endurance, and active recovery each week. The program also covers mobility every day to get you moving properly and help stay injury free. In the e-book, I discuss how to use the program to get max benefits. I go over recovery, some nutrition basics, and principles, and get into some of the supplements that might help out.

If you’re looking to get stronger, faster, and drop body fat, start training on this program and become….BULLETPROOF!

“As you know, I can be a little bit of a fitness nerd, so I have some standard benchmarks that I can compare myself to before and after the eight weeks of your program. Here they are:

Weight: Started at 198lbs and am now at 190lbs
Waist size: Was 37 inches and is now 35 inches
The Murph workout is a benchmark workout I do. My time in August, after Bulletproof, was 8 minutes faster than when I did it the last time in May.

This program is for anyone looking to get stronger, faster, and tougher. Years of training, knowledge, and experience have gone into creating the Bulletproof Program so that whether your job requires you to be physical fit in demanding environments, or you are simply looking to improve yourself, this is the program for you. I personally saw improvements in weight loss, and overall strength and stamina by following Bulletproof. I would highly recommend this training program for anyone looking to enter a military selection program or wanting to to improve their overall physical abilities. The program incorporates rest periods and specific instructions so that all the guesswork is taken out. Follow the program, and you will see the results.

Andy B.”


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