Personal & Online Training

Personal Training  

Our personal training is unlike no other in the area. Our coaches are held to the highest of standards.  

We will interview each client, conduct a full movement assessment, and then discuss their goals. We will then develop a personalized program based off the assessment and individual’s goals.  

Each client will receive an InBody body composition test during the interview and will also get personalized macro nutrient splits. This is so we can leave nothing to guess and track to be sure we’re getting the desired results. All of our training is data driven and will absolutely yield results.

Online Personal Training 

We can train clients in our gym or remotely at any other facility with our online training app. With the app, you will receive a full personalized training program to your mobile device each day complete with video instruction of exercises.

Your coach will progress and correct all your training through the app. You can communicate through the app and everything is literally at your fingertips.  

Lance H.

Owner/ Head Instructor 
Strength & Conditioning Coach

River M.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

John M.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Stephen G.

Strength & Conditioning Coach