Logo transparent“I want to share my personal gains employing your fitness prescription for my ‘serious recreational’ triathlons. Triathlons employ facets of mental fitness, muscular endurance, and cardio-vascular endurance. Most triathlon fitness prescriptions incorporate loads of training time for each event. Although, I still do these swim, bike and run workouts each week – I have seen great gains by incorporating your power endurance and strength sessions into my week. These sessions have helped me push thru mentally, achieve great cardio vascular gains with the high intensity/rest workouts, and gain in strength with the lifts. I very much appreciate the Absolute Speed Drills for my running efficiency which will be easy to measure during the season with my run times. I have ran two races this year thus far and have already shave 4 minutes from last year’s times. Might seem like a small amount but triathlons come down to seconds. I still have minutes to shave off! I am looking forward to discussing the nutrition aspects to see where I can make gains here. keep up the great coaching, variety in your sessions, and I hope others will get to experience Evolution.

– Alan Cornett

Logo transparent“I can’t say enough good things about Evolution Health and Fitness.  In the six months that I’ve been training there, I’ve accomplished more physically than I ever thought possible of myself. After having run numerous half marathons and even a full marathon in 2014, I thought I was in pretty good physical condition. After a year of nothing but running though, I decided I needed something to challenge myself. I found just the challenge I needed at Evolution. Before signing up here, I had never lifted weights in my life. I had always been active, but wasn’t truly challenging my body in ways that it needed to be challenged. Again, this all came from the time I left my first workout at Evolution. I was pouring sweat, shaking from exhaustion, and couldn’t wait until the next workout. With the training and expertise of the trainers, I have transformed my body in ways I never would have imagined. I have become fitter, leaner, stronger, faster, and more confident. I’ve managed to lose 6% bodyfat and maintain that loss through workouts and nutrition coaching. I’m not yet where I want to be, but I know with continued work I will meet my fitness goals in no time.”   

– Jayme Frost

Logo transparent“I can’t say enough great things about Evolution Fitness/Alliance BJJ. If you want to train & learn some great skills and get a great workout in this is the place for you. Lance, Mai, and James are top notch instructors who have tons of experience. I’ve been training BJJ off and on for the last 7 years and I’ve never been around better practitioners of the art than James and Lance. They make you feel at home and part of the team from the moment you walk in the door. The fitness facility is second to none in this area and will blow you away when you first walk in and see all of the equipment.  I would recommend them to anyone of any skill level that is ready to get involved in fitness or to learn BJJ in this area.”

– Benji Turley

Logo transparent“After spending a lot of time training in many different gyms and disciplines, I can’t wait to get back to Evolution fitness.  The name is accurate, as I have evolved in my practices on my own, evolution has incorporated all of the tools I have found to be the most successful!  The gym jones knowledge and the jiu jitsu alone are EXCELLENT reasons to go to Evolution, the dieting will come naturally with the realization of what your body is actually capable of and the tools are RIGHT THERE at the gym.  I feel the best and most productive when I have regular workouts and jiu jitsu training in my life.  The programming that Lance has created is practical and performance based, it is top shelf training that will give you the most bang for your buck hands down and will not send you to the sidelines with an injury.”   

– Phill Sibbald

“A Professional and Dedicated individual who can provide the guidance and intensity you need to get the most out of your motor (the one God gave you) and goals in life. A tough bastard and good man!”

– Zach Carter

I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Lance for several months and have discussed in detail his fitness programing, nutrition planning and jiu jitsu. The first thing I noticed about Lance is he lives what he preaches. His workouts are intense and the diet plan that he follows has made Lance into one of the most fit guys I know. Professionalism, Dedication, Knowledgeable, and Attention to Detail are just a few attributes that Lance brings to the gym every day when instructing his jiu jitsu classes. Lance isn’t a check the block, train to time guy; he ensures that you leave the class with the skills and knowledge to get better and he’ll continue to train until you have.  If you’re not involved with Lance and Evolution you are missing out on a great opportunity!”  

Erik Kvarme

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